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Your top five tips: Making the most of social media

80% of people online can be reached through social media. Every 1 in 4.5 minutes online are spent on a social site in the UK. We’re seeing a steady increase in interest from our clients too.  But while many people want to ‘do something with social media’, they often aren’t aware of how it fits […]

Keeping it real – authenticity in action

A man much wiser than I once wrote “this above all: to thine own self be true”. Working with organisations right across the spectrum in co-creating ways to identify, connect with and engage, and ultimately move audiences with communications and experiences – it’s increasingly clear that what clients and end-users alike value above all else […]

Exploring workplace behaviours

According to a survey highlighted recently in HR magazine, 73% of workers who use a time clock in India admitted to being less than truthful on occasions about the amount of time they’d booked. There are many conclusions which could be drawn from this information but the article points to just one. I quote: “Organisations […]

Your Essential Guide: Tackling Alcohol Abuse in our Communities

Alcohol Awareness Week (14-20 November 2011) is turning the spotlight on the growing issue of alcohol misuse in our communities. According to Alcohol Concern: Every minute alcohol-related problems cost the UK economy around £48,000 Every hour more than 100 people go into hospital in England and Wales with an alcohol-related condition Every day more than […]

UK Social Marketing Conference: Insight, challenge, inspiration

What a great day at the UK Social Marketing Conference 2011– full of inspiring people and ideas! This week’s event in Brighton brought together thinkers and practitioners from all over the world to debate, discuss and present new thinking and evidence aimed at addressing complex issues spanning environment, crime, health and environmental awareness. Not only were we asked […]

So Change it: Five steps to sustainable behaviour change

How can you deliver sustainable, cost-effective change to meet the needs of individuals, organisations and wider communities? Whether you work in the public or private sector, recognising the essential links between organisations, their cultures and the communities they serve is key to driving long-term change. But how can you develop a framework which really works […]

Addicted to the ‘big idea’

Ideas are what our industry is built upon. We value ideas above anything else, even worship them. Walk around the ICE Agency and you’ll probably hear this phrase more than any other: ‘What’s the big idea?’ Ideas are the most incredible thing we possess. They engage, entertain (and can even cause jealousy). So often the […]

Your essential guide to a more effective Property Repairs service

How can local authorities like yours improve public service delivery, reduce costs and deliver clear, measurable outcomes for citizens? Drawing on a wealth of experience working with Property Repairs services, we’ve collated our five key steps to drive sustainable efficiencies: 1.  Reduce the time from report to completion of repair Delayed responses are a frequent […]


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