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ICE-Berg: Culture & Values Mapping Tool

“Culture eats strategy over breakfast” – Peter Drucker From experience, we believe that values and beliefs inform performance as much as skills and competence. So, we have developed a unique enterprise mapping tool called ICE-Berg, which is based on the five factor psychological personality model to assess sociability and conformance, and drive for advancement across an organisation […]

Stoptober draws to an end

You made it! A whole month smoke-free and still going from strength to strength. It’s time to give yourself a well-earned pat on the back, and not only look back at all of the hard work you have put in, but to look to the future and all of the benefits to continuing your life […]

Stoptober: The final hurdles

For those taking part in Stoptober, there is around three weeks as a non-smoker under your belt: time to sit back and appreciate all of the positives associated with being smoke-free. By now, you should be starting to feel the health benefits; you may feel that you have a bit more puff and you can […]

Beyond happiness to wholeness

There are so many books, blogs and social media posts out there about positive emotions and happiness, that we may be forgiven for sometimes forgetting how our darker, more negative emotions and states can actually be really beneficial too. I often engage with people across social media and digital platforms (Entheos, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, […]

Stoptober two week milestone

The two week milestone is approaching and although many people are settling in to their new life as a non-smoker, many people will be finding it challenging. As a stop smoking adviser, I see many people, often with similar withdrawal symptoms, including: Irritability and mood swings Restlessness and disturbed sleep Headaches and difficulty concentrating Increased […]

Stoptober is on its way…

You can’t help but to have heard about Stoptober, the national stop smoking month. Whether it’s the adverts on the telly, posts on Facebook and Twitter, or promotional events by your stop smoking service, there is no doubt that it is on the horizon. On 1st October, smokers across the country are taking the plunge […]

Priceless benefits of working for free

Why would anyone work for free? When I said to friends and family that on my return to the UK after two years in New Zealand and Australia I would be undertaking a work placement, they thought I was bonkers. “All that experience and you’re going to work for free?” they asked suspiciously. “Why would […]

Designing a great business

You might look at me and think,”I can’t possibly take that girl with pink hair and a big smile on her face seriously. What value can she add to an organisation’s growth and development? Surely her excessive big Mac monitor, Pantone books and sketch pads can’t help an organisation flourish?” It’s common for design not […]

Celebrating ‘Read a Book Day’

This year, book readers right around the world will be celebrating as Saturday 6th September marks ‘Read a Book Day’. It’s not the most common awareness day, but it’s a much needed reminder of why I, and many others alike, love books. There’s something magical about losing yourself in a good old book – romance, […]

4 reasons why volunteering will change your life

Are you out of work, looking for work-experience or just fancy doing a good deed for a change? Volunteering can do wonders for your life and somebody else’s. But why? 1. Volunteering makes you more employable Volunteers may wish to increase their skill set, gaining experience within various environments to improve future job prospects. Employers […]


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