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Puffell supports International Day of Happiness

I’m very happy that the team at Puffell ( are supporting #InternationalDayofHappiness, 2015. Every year, Action for Happiness uses the 20th of March as a platform to launch a campaign to promote positive social action for a happier world. The theme always focuses attention on an important social issue related to wellbeing; this year, our […]

The 101 practical guide to creating sustained behaviour change

It is fair to say most public health professionals have a good grasp of behaviour change theories. The challenge is understanding exactly how behavioural theories are used in an effective, evidence-based and scalable way. Having spent 16 years supporting public health teams deliver outstanding results in their communities, we have witnessed how teams can initially […]

What colour is the dress?

It seems the whole world was looking at one dress last week, and it was nothing to do with a celebrity on the red carpet. Just a basic question about a normal dress – ‘What colour is this dress?’ What I found really interesting about this was the debate: “It’s obviously white and gold”, “what […]

Learning new leadership and team skills – with sheepdogs!

A new form of leadership and team-building training is taking the business world by storm – using sheepdogs to allow managers to hone the art of gentle and non-aggressive personnel management. By working with the natural elements of shepherding and sheep farming, managers attending the innovative courses in Cumbria are able to draw their own conclusions about […]

Annual Reports: what the smart Communications and Marketing Managers are doing

If the thought of reading an annual report gives you a headache, you aren’t alone. Just thinking about the writing and designing of one is enough to make the most of us want to lie down in a darkened room. But we all know that, if designed well and presented in the right format, annual […]

Four essential steps to assessing organisation culture and employee values to drive innovation, creativity and growth

“Create thriving communities: listen to the needs of your employees and create an environment that helps them to thrive.” The B Team / Virgin Unite, “New Ways of Working”, Jan 2015 ( / Back in the 80’s and 90’s, organisations started to put lists of ‘values’ up on walls and point at them and […]

Significant savings and improved performance in Revs & Bens – you’ll be amazed how they achieved it!

Tewkesbury Borough Council were looking to make efficiencies in the Revenues & Benefits Service through identifying improvements in efficiencies and realising capacity and cashable savings. At the outset it was clear that the service appeared to have a significant backlog of work (in particular in Benefits) which had been the norm for some time.  As […]

How can you make the most of digital communications?

Today, our global digital universe is full of billions of things that require you to do something, act and make a decision. When faced with a range of complex challenges and pressures, how can you best use digital tools and techniques to help our communities and empower them to take action? That’s the question we’re exploring […]

ICE-Berg: Culture & Values Mapping Tool

“Culture eats strategy over breakfast” – Peter Drucker From experience, we believe that values and beliefs inform performance as much as skills and competence. So, we have developed a unique enterprise mapping tool called ICE-Berg, which is based on the five factor psychological personality model to assess sociability and conformance, and drive for advancement across an organisation […]

Stoptober draws to an end

You made it! A whole month smoke-free and still going from strength to strength. It’s time to give yourself a well-earned pat on the back, and not only look back at all of the hard work you have put in, but to look to the future and all of the benefits to continuing your life […]


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