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Priceless benefits of working for free

Why would anyone work for free? When I said to friends and family that on my return to the UK after two years in New Zealand and Australia I would be undertaking a work placement, they thought I was bonkers. “All that experience and you’re going to work for free?” they asked suspiciously. “Why would […]

Designing a great business

You might look at me and think,”I can’t possibly take that girl with pink hair and a big smile on her face seriously. What value can she add to an organisation’s growth and development? Surely her excessive big Mac monitor, Pantone books and sketch pads can’t help an organisation flourish?” It’s common for design not […]

Celebrating ‘Read a Book Day’

This year, book readers right around the world will be celebrating as Saturday 6th September marks ‘Read a Book Day’. It’s not the most common awareness day, but it’s a much needed reminder of why I, and many others alike, love books. There’s something magical about losing yourself in a good old book – romance, […]

4 reasons why volunteering will change your life

Are you out of work, looking for work-experience or just fancy doing a good deed for a change? Volunteering can do wonders for your life and somebody else’s. But why? 1. Volunteering makes you more employable Volunteers may wish to increase their skill set, gaining experience within various environments to improve future job prospects. Employers […]

Social media is your power tool – time to give it a service!

There aren’t many organisations who are now not using social media to engage with the public. Customers, citizens, patients – however you define them – they all expect you to have a social media presence. Social media isn’t an end in itself: it’s like a power tool. You don’t need a drill, you need a […]

Could pets and gardens help our ageing population?

I’m really lucky to live by the sea. All that open space, long sandy beaches, sea air and stunning views across to the Welsh mountains are a real incentive to get outdoors, take some exercise and re-charge my batteries – even more so with the warm and sunny weather we’ve been enjoying this summer. Spending […]

How to beat the holiday blues

With the holiday season firmly upon us and many of us looking to jet off to sunnier climes, we all know the bliss of taking time out from the daily grind, but is there a way to maximise the power of our ‘holiday brain’ and reap the benefits when we get home? Waking up to […]

If you’re happy and you know it…

Are you happy? Are you content? Do you know the difference? Is there a difference? It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to – I always thought I was happy. I laughed almost every day, felt settled at home and at work… but did that mean I was happy? Or did I not really […]

Chronically ill and unemployed: benefits of returning to work

Is it harder to get a job with a long-term condition? Times are tough these days and if you’re looking for a job right now, you’ll know that more than most. Getting your CV to the top of the pile seems like an impossible task. I know – I’ve been there! What if you were […]

Junk food unsafe for children

Fast food is bad, it makes you fat. Don’t eat junk food. Blah Blah Blah… You’ve heard it all before haven’t you? What’s wrong with taking your kids to fast food restaurants a few times a week or month – where’s the harm in a happy meal? Fast food is damaging your children’s bodies – […]


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