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Effective Cancer Interventions: Five Key Steps

Stark regional differences of cancer mortality and incidence rates have been in the spotlight recently, with Cancer Research UK revealing sharp variations in geographical statistics. With data showing a north-south divide, you might find yourself asking what more can be done to address health inequalities in Britain. Are people in your community ignoring persistent symptoms? […]

The Science Behind What We Do

We were recently asked, “How will you use social marketing theory to identify behavioural determinants that can be modified?” This is an increasingly common question posed by many of our clients who want assurances that our interventions are informed by sound behavioural theory and therefore, most likely to bring about lasting, measurable change. At ICE, […]

Create a Health Legacy: Smoking Cessation

We all have tough challenges to meet and we’re sure 2013 will be no different for you. But how can we continue to make the difference and drive on the lasting health and wellness legacy, when time is short and resources are much reduced? It’s never too late! Smoking rates are a major contributor to […]

Behaviour change: smoking cessation

With 2013 fast approaching and over 100,000 people in the UK dying from smoking related causes, we know that now, more than ever, more needs to be done to support our communities and protect our most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Not only that, but we understand that you need people-centred solutions which support behaviour change […]

Behaviour Change: a few key principles

Refreshing news from the Department of Health: there has been a complete overhaul of its behaviour change marketing programmes, bringing them all under a coherent strategy. At the UK Social Marketing Conference in London last week, DH marketing supremo, Dan Metcalfe, outlined a fresh new approach and the delegates were impressed. The overhaul has offered […]

Engaging Stakeholders for Effective Cancer Interventions

With recent statistics from Macmillan Cancer showing survival times for some cancers are still counted in weeks rather than years, there’s no doubt tackling the prevalence of cancer in our communities is still a major concern. Having worked with numerous NHS Trusts using a ‘push and pull’ strategy to get both internal and external partners […]

How can we help people let go of dependency?

So, instead of joining our local (apparently slightly washed out) Jubilee street party, my partner and I decided to climb Ben Nevis during the extended Bank Holiday weekend. Anyone who doesn’t trek hills or walk in the country, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it as a way to refuel your health and wellbeing. For starters, the journey […]

Driving sustainable change around alcohol misuse

With the latest annual figures from ONS (Office of National Statistics) confirming an 11% rise in the number of alcohol-related hospital admissions, it’s more important than ever to take a flexible, needs-based approach to alcohol misuse. The statistics also show that there’s been a 2.1% increase in primary diagnosis alcohol conditions (198,900 for 2010/11) since […]

Behavioural support: the key to smoke free futures?

The latest NICE guidelines highlight the delivery of brief interventions as a high impact change which encourages more people to smoke less. Typically taking 5-10 minutes, brief interventions offer opportunistic advice, discussion or encouragement – and are having a big impact on communities. For instance, our Stop4Life work in the Midlands focuses on meeting local […]

Your Essential Guide: Transforming young people’s sexual behaviours

According to the Health Protection Agency, STIs are more common among young people than any other group. 16-24s represent only 12% of the UK population, but they account for more than half of all new STIs diagnosed and 65% of new chlamydia diagnoses. Yet they are also the least likely group to access services. So can […]


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