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Your five top tips: Making the most of social media

80% of people online can be reached through social media Every 1 in 4.5 minutes online are spent on a social site in the UK. While many people want to ‘do something with social media’, they often aren’t aware of how it fits in with their existing communications – or don’t realise its full potential […]

Keeping it real – authenticity in action

A man much wiser than I once wrote “this above all: to thine own self be true”. Working with organisations right across the spectrum in co-creating ways to identify, connect with and engage, and ultimately move audiences with communications and experiences – it’s increasingly clear that what clients and end-users alike value above all else […]

A Brand Journey

Bedroom. 6.30. a.m. Philips radio/alarm clock; BBC Radio 4; John Lewis slippers; John Lewis again (okay, so I wear a dressing gown); Blackberry; Nokia. Bathroom. Armitage Shanks toilet, bath and shower; Andrex; Halo and Horns shampoo; Halo and Horns soap (the kids’, not mine); L’Occitane bubble bath; Herbal Extracts shampoo; Dove soap; Sensodyne toothpaste; Oral […]


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