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Addicted to the ‘big idea’

Ideas are what our industry is built upon. We value ideas above anything else, even worship them. Walk around the ICE Agency and you’ll probably hear this phrase more than any other: ‘What’s the big idea?’ Ideas are the most incredible thing we possess. They engage, entertain (and can even cause jealousy). So often the […]

Doodling… a lost art?

I’m a doodler…which may not be surprising considering my creative background. Many people have doodling knocked out of them, as school becomes more serious and certainly by the time we get our careers moving. It seems inappropriate to be sat doodling in that strategic meeting. “You should be taking copious notes” – notes that later […]

How far do you go on your first blog?

So, you’re sitting there. You’ve been building up to this moment for weeks or even months. You’ve heard others talking about it, but you want to find out first hand as to what all the fuss is about. Understandably you’re nervous; after all it’s your first time and you’re desperate to make a good impression…. […]

A Brand Journey

Bedroom. 6.30. a.m. Philips radio/alarm clock; BBC Radio 4; John Lewis slippers; John Lewis again (okay, so I wear a dressing gown); Blackberry; Nokia. Bathroom. Armitage Shanks toilet, bath and shower; Andrex; Halo and Horns shampoo; Halo and Horns soap (the kids’, not mine); L’Occitane bubble bath; Herbal Extracts shampoo; Dove soap; Sensodyne toothpaste; Oral […]

Redesigning Democracy

http://www.commonofhouses.co.uk/ This website is running a competition to redesign our voting system. (See post below.) Brilliant idea in itself. Bad news – the deadline is Thursday. Good news – I’ve cracked it! One problem is, too many people don’t turn out to vote. Why? It’s inconvenient and they’re apathetic. Solution: Make voting as easy as […]


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