Getting over the fear of writing your first blog

Like Colin says the the idea of posting your first blog can bring on the same feelings of a first date, or at least bring on the nerves.  The initial  ‘writer’s block’ of putting pen to paper, or in these virtual times, words on the internet for all to see, is understandable.  You want to appear knowledgeable, experienced and throw in a genius bit of wit to make a good impression.

But let’s be clear, blogging is just like joining in a conversation.  At ICE we have an amazing range of diverse things we’re passionate about, and as one colleague said to me, ‘If you’re the only person in the room that says something no-one else knows, you’ll be seen as an expert.’  Your perspective is unique, what is interesting to you, may be interesting to others.

Top tips:

Keep it simple and short, you can always expand later.  400 words is enough.

Write as though someone is listening to you.

Don’t kid anyone – let your passion, interest and the way you communicate come through – it’s ok to be yourself.

Comment thoughtfully on other people’s blogs – let them know what you thought of it and share your ideas with them.

An experienced blogger once said to me, ‘There might be only one line in your writing that’s any good, but it stands out and you think wow, that’s good, so you learn for next time.”   Break your fear, it’s time to have a go.

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