Monthly Archives: September 2010

What’s the big idea?

Earlier this week, our talented creative team of designers and digital media experts held ICE’s first ever Creative Innovation Event. The idea? Simply to connect, collaborate, and create some innovative new communications ideas they had been working on and throughout the morning, the resulting ideas were tested and showcased to ICE’s wider staff team. The […]

Social media’s ringing but can you answer the call?

“I feel like we’ll lose control of our reputation” “I’m busy enough as it is, I don’t have time to be online all day” “Our internal sign-off processes aren’t quick enough to respond in time” “Our IT policy doesn’t allow us access to social networking sites” “My manager wants to see real value for money” […]

Social media: using two ears and one mouth

We’ve all heard the buzz about social media, but how can your organisation use it to maximum effect? For me and at ICE, the important thing is how to integrate social media within your existing communications. Don’t just jump in without thinking who you’re communicating to what you’re saying.  We’ve still got two ears and […]

Perspective is everything

This is an installation by a Swiss artist called Felice Varini, he paints projected geometric shapes into rooms and other architectural spaces. What a great visiting experience they must create as views move around in order to discover the sense of the imagery They are ‘anamorphic’ illusions – images which only create clarity from a […]

The Circus is coming to town

Yes the Liverpool Biennial is about to start, and last night I witnessed the first glimmerings of life at Binary Cell run by my friend Steffan who took me for a guided tour of his studio, and we talked OSC and Blob tracking. Hot Club De Paris and That F*cking Tank were on the lineup and […]

New Brighton

I took some time out to shoot some footage in New Brighton on Thursday morning and witnessed the resort wake up. I love the feeling of loneliness, and the way much of the action is played out in a very subtle way like a reflection in glass or sunlight hitting the water. The last days […]

Using CBT Techniques for Social Change

Here at ICE we’re really pleased to be currently working with Liverpool PCT on the Liverpool Alcohol Outreach Project –engaging in communities across the city to help them rethink their relationships with alcohol, and to provide support for those at risk from alcohol-related harm. Our Intervention Team go right into the heart of local communities, […]


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