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Lessons in Future Studies with Wendy Shultz Part 4 – Creating the futures we value

I wasn’t aware that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have set scientists a competition to be the first to scientifically create meat to eat (yes, you did read that right).  It’s shocking (unless you’re a futurist and knew about it already) because our story today is that we’re struggling being more disconnected […]

Lessons in Future Studies with Wendy Shultz Part 3 – You’ve already got some of the future in your hands

In case the previous two lessons have carried you so far into a conceptual world you’re not realising you’re sitting on your chair anymore, don’t worry help is, literally, at hand… Watch this for a fascinating story of how one man, Pranav Mistry took what he had in front of him, used his creativity to […]

Lessons in Future Studies with Wendy Shultz Part 2 – Daring to dream

Once you know what’s happened in the past and what’s shaping your understanding of the present you can start to look at where you want your organisation, business or personal future to be and what will influence that happening. The thing is, at ICE we work with children, young people and communities whose dreams have […]

Lessons in Future Studies with Wendy Shultz Part 1 – Story time

Today I met my first futurist.  It’s not a usual occurrence, and we didn’t really know what to expect.  However Wendy Shultz is a phenomenon bursting with intellectual understanding, hawk-like focus and years of watching hunches turn into popular culture.  The future she’s talking about isn’t which lottery numbers I’m going to win next week, […]

Doodling… a lost art?

I’m a doodler…which may not be surprising considering my creative background. Many people have doodling knocked out of them, as school becomes more serious and certainly by the time we get our careers moving. It seems inappropriate to be sat doodling in that strategic meeting. “You should be taking copious notes” – notes that later […]

Raising aspiration and unlocking the potential of our children and young people.

Raising aspiration and unlocking potential: how can effective communications and behaviour change techniques help drive the development of the children’s service market? Working nationally in some of the most deprived communities in the UK, we know only too well the inequalities that exist and their devastating effects on individuals and communities. But I passionately believe […]


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