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Five key steps for more effective Streetscene services

It’s been proven that effective Streetscene services enable communities to claim back their public spaces, making them feel safer and cleaner, and reducing anti-social behaviour. Drawing on a wealth of experience working in local environments, you can download five key steps for more effective Streetscene services  or read on here for more: Foster a sense […]

The Essential Guide to Delivering Alcohol Interventions

According to the Department of Health: If consistently implemented across the UK, simple alcohol advice would result in 250,000 men and 67,500 women reducing their drinking levels from hazardous and harmful to low risk each year. It is estimated that investment in implementing identification and brief advice could return savings to the NHS of £40 million over four years. One leading […]

A changemaker moment for the ICE team…

Having travelled around Coventry for the last few weeks promoting the Healthy Start Scheme, the ICE project team have been to a number of locations where it is evident how much the work that we do really makes a difference to those living in the area.  On the flip side, these places have also had […]

House of Lords says behaviour change needs more than a nudge

Today the House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee publish their report Behaviour Change, which in summary argues that ‘nudging’ on its own is unlikely to be successful in changing the population’s behaviour. We’ve been watching the ‘nudge’ agenda and government thinktank closely over the last few months and we’re still confident that nudges alone […]

Festival welcomes Health Village

We’ve had some great pictures through following Coventry’s Godiva Festival, showing the great work being done by a new family-friendly health village. The crowds were out in force for the annual event, with our team working alongside NHS Coventry to engage on a wide range of health issues including getting active, smoking, and childhood immunisations […]

5 reasons why young people aren’t listening to stop smoking messages

 45% of 16-24 year olds have a smart phone and watch videos on the go  55% log onto Facebook as soon as they turn on their computer  Over half of children aged 8 – 15 have a social networking profile  73% of young people watch videos online each month  12-15 year olds now say they […]

What would make you be more energy efficient? Free fruit and bus tickets?

Successive governments have tried to ‘kickstart’ their strategy to reduce carbon emissions by focusing their attention on improving energy efficiency and cutting emissions in large public and private sector organisations.   They have, however, played ‘lip service’ to the issue of the public’s approach to energy efficiency. Most of the activity so far has centred […]

Into the heart of local communities

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with the ICE team getting out into local communities to engage, inspire and motivate! Seven of us were out at last weekend’s Godiva Festival in Coventry, alongside more than 120,000 visitors, to get people talking about a wide range of health issues including getting active, smoking, childhood immunisations […]

The ICE website: it’s all about you

We’ve been getting lots of great feedback about our new look website. If you haven’t had chance to visit it yet, our Creative Director, Paul Wood, gives a first-hand introduction. “We developed our new-look website firmly with our clients and partners in mind. Our approach to website design has been developed around the premise of […]


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