Five key steps for more effective Housing Services

How are local authorities like yours harnessing the huge opportunities to transform Housing Options Services? Drawing on our extensive work in this area, download five key steps for more effective Housing Services or read on for more:

1.    Increase first point of contact resolution – Our experience of working with homelessness services tells us that to give people the best outcomes, it’s important the “experts” get to talk, face to face, with customers as soon as possible. That way, customers aren’t frustrated by repeating their experiences to multiple staff who simply pass them onto other colleagues.

 2. Simplify referrals process to get more effective solutions – Direct action to support customers transforms the effectiveness of support. For example, if staff adopt an approach of “let me ring benefits now, while you‘re here” rather than just passing on leaflets and contact numbers, it can make referrals happen so much quicker.

3.    Remove waste, re-work and frustration from processes – Building a full picture of all the hand-offs and delays involved in the service uncovers the ‘reality’ of how it’s working day-to-day. We’ve found that removing unnecessary duplication – and frustration – could typically save the equivalent of £50K for local authorities each year!

4.    Release staff time from non value-added activity – Local authorities are often surprised just how much time they can free up by removing ‘non-value’ tasks such as producing multiple photocopies of documents or compiling monthly reports which no-one ultimately reads.

5.    Improve staff morale and service culture – So what’s the result? Organisations which have followed these easy steps find their staff are more engaged, empowered and ready to achieve. This positive impact on internal cultures is essential to drive the process of continuous improvement.


If you’d like to know more about some of the specific projects we’ve been involved in, and hear more about these best practice approaches, get in touch with:

Jaime Beckett ( / 07764 635472) or Chris Lunn ( / 07809 704910).

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