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Self-health: Successfully managing long-term conditions

Empowering people to manage long-term conditions – like asthma, diabetes, COPD and depression– is at the heart of an exciting new initiative we’re spearheading in the West Midlands. We’ve just completed the first six week programme with local people facing some complex and potentially debilitating long-term conditions, and already it’s getting great feedback!  “At first […]

Social mobility and aspirational change: one and the same?

Nick Clegg has “vowed to address the absolute scandal of Britain’s lack of social mobility and open up a society that is too closed and too static”.  This got me thinking about change and about personal growth. I think equality is a key driver but not the only one and the Guardian article quotes that […]

Under pressure to reach your sustainability targets?

Imagine a land where the waste we produce grows greater day-by-day. A land where recycling rates are poor, with an increasing demand on services AND increasing pressure on budgets… Not so far from the truth? Now imagine an approach which could save you an estimated £100,000+ in service efficiencies, empower staff to work together collaboratively […]

Growth, sustainability, regeneration

It’s my firm belief that small businesses are vital to growth, sustainability and regeneration. As a company, we’re proud to be part of a thriving business community, so it’s been very rewarding to have been chosen to work as ‘Business Support Managers’ for the Invest Wirral team. As part of our corporate and social responsibility […]

Finding the ‘Happiness Factor’

I recently came across an interesting article, based on an economic journal study about happiness in life.  The article observes that: ‘Staying in education longer does not necessarily make someone happier, according to new research.’  The research was based on data from the UK and Germany and found that teenagers spending more time in education […]

Finding cancer rates hard to swallow?

Preventable cancers come under the global spotlight next week, with the World Cancer Research Fund’s Cancer Prevention Week 2012 (14-18 May). But how can you support local people to recognise – and act on – the symptoms of cancer and tackle its prevalence in your community? Take oesophago-gastric (OG) cancer. Are people in your communities […]

Pinterest: Flash in the pan or the next big thing?

There’s been a real online buzz around Pinterest, the latest social networking sensation, in recent months. But what exactly is Pinterest, and what’s propelling its rise? For the uninitiated, Pinterest does exactly what it says on the tin – with members able to ‘pin’ things that interest them in their personal and professional lives onto […]

To Shwop, or not to Shwop?

It’s been interesting to see Marks and Spencers’ new ‘Shwopping’ initiative this week – a clothes shopping and swapping scheme which will see all M&S stores accepting unwanted clothing of any brand, all year round. With clothes being resold, reused or recycled through Oxfam, the thinking is it will help reduce landfill. Looking at it […]


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