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What do quotes really mean to the reader?

So many blogs, articles and websites include a range of ‘useful quotes’ from famous names. Some are moving, some inspirational and some are funny.  Some quotes can say something meaningful, whilst having interpretation next to them. If they are taken as meaningful to us, rather than just words of historical and academic interest, then maybe, […]

Engaging Stakeholders for Effective Cancer Interventions

With recent statistics from Macmillan Cancer showing survival times for some cancers are still counted in weeks rather than years, there’s no doubt tackling the prevalence of cancer in our communities is still a major concern. Having worked with numerous NHS Trusts using a ‘push and pull’ strategy to get both internal and external partners […]

Leadership: What makes a good leader?

I was asked recently what I thought Leadership meant.  I think I may have waffled a bit in my response, but I wanted to share a few considered thoughts on what I think a good leader is, or is not. To be clear, leadership is not management.  Management is more akin to administration and keeping […]

Shared Services: Top tips to overcome the challenges

The pressures on local government to maintain service delivery and meet significant cost reduction targets are top of the agenda for all councils. It’s been proven that effective Shared Services reduce the cost of delivering services, and even more importantly, make local people’s lives better by providing quality services. Drawing on a wealth of experience […]

Growth: what does it mean?

In every industry, across every sector, growth is vital. Without growth the future is uncertain, to say the least. But what does growth actually mean? How do we define it? Perhaps even more importantly, how do we achieve and maintain it? The old adage ‘if you do what you have always done, you get what […]

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Five Top Tips

Efficiency and effectiveness are often mistaken as similar terms. However, they are quite different and whilst both are relevant, it is important to distinguish between them. By understanding the difference between the two, a better improvement plan can be devised. We’ve highlighted five top tips to help understand the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of Efficiency […]

The ICE team hit the lanes for our summer Away Day!

Last week, the whole of the ICE team got together at Head Office in Wirral for our annual summer ‘Away Day’. Usually this is built around business activities, company discussions and planning throughout the morning, and a fun afternoon of Rounders’ and a BBQ follows. However, this year we opted for a slightly different agenda… […]

Culture Change in Society

It was highlighted in the news recently that benefit cuts are to be considered in order to change the ‘culture of entitlement’.  Assuming good intent is at the heart of such policy change, one can only conclude that the thinking is that culture can be ‘improved’ by taking money away from people. An interesting concept […]

Your Essential Guide: Creating Smoke free futures

Every year, over 100,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes. And of the 10 million adults who smoke, half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction. So how can we achieve a world free from smoke-related harm? Download a pdf version of this blog here Current NICE […]


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