Top tips for building a public sector website

Reaching out to target audiences, communicating, engaging and supporting them, is at the heart of every successful public sector website.

However, there are a number of things that contribute to the build of a good website.

We’ve highlighted a few principles that underpin this approach, irrespective of the purpose and target audience. In our experience, following this brief guide has consistently delivered great user experiences for end-users.

  1. Scope your requirements and define your content plan – what are your stakeholder goals and objectives? What are the needs and objectives of the user? Using this knowledge, create new content, or update the existing content
  2. Design – validate the information architecture, functionality and goals etc. Design your site, including interaction and interface design
  3. Test – test user needs and objectives and test the functionality.

Creating a new website, or re-designing a website so that it really resonates with your target audience isn’t always easy, but it can be simple. Remember though, new regulations now say that anyone running a website in the UK needs to get consent from visitors to their website in order to store information – such as internet cookies – on people’s computers. Users will now have to ‘opt in’ to having cookies placed on their machine, rather than ‘opt out’. (More information on ‘internet cookie’ laws can be found here.)

Taking an approach to digital development that is grounded firmly in creating a great user experience for all users, and keeping up to date with the latest, most significant trends in web development provides value to both clients and users – but, no two digital developments are the same.

“Remember, a website is not a monolith that’s used by one type of people, it does not exist only for one reason. Your job is to figure out what are all of the reasons that it exists for and find the best source to measure it.” – Avinash Kausik

Download a pdf version here

If you’d like to know more about building a public sector website and engaging with your target audience, call Justyn Clark on 0845 5193 423 /

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