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Keeping it real – authenticity in action

A man much wiser than I once wrote “this above all: to thine own self be true”. Working with organisations right across the spectrum in co-creating ways to identify, connect with and engage, and ultimately move audiences with communications and experiences – it’s increasingly clear that what clients and end-users alike value above all else […]

The Design Thinking approach to change communications

Head of the ICE Agency, Henry Platten outlines our collaborative approach to involving colleagues, partners and citizens in designing visions and communications, in a changing landscape. Change is a constant feature of life, and it hardly needs restating that we live and work in challenging and uncertain times, where the momentum of change has been […]

The ‘Crime Map’: Does information equal power?

New ICE Agency Director, and ex Police Sergeant Henry Platten, gives us his perspective on the Police Crime Map released this week by the Home Office: “It’s not often that the launch of government websites displaying incredibly complex sets of public data hits the headlines. This makes the release of public crime figures, mapped out […]

Looking beyond the nudge

Social Marketing expert Professor Jeff French argues for looking beyond the ‘nudge’ to inspire sustainable behaviour change, in the first of a series of guest blog posts: “As the political environment attempts to shift from ‘Nanny State’ to ‘Big Society’, social and behavioural theories are increasingly becoming part of the national social and political conversation. […]

So, will “La Revoluçion” be Twitter-ized?

Twitter. Facebook. We all know them now. A lot of us use them. A lot of us use them for different things. A number of us at ICE are on Twitter now in various forms, ranging from the “just-starting-out” to the “tentative” to the “full blown addict” . Generally speaking, we all tend to combine […]

Using CBT Techniques for Social Change

Here at ICE we’re really pleased to be currently working with Liverpool PCT on the Liverpool Alcohol Outreach Project –engaging in communities across the city to help them rethink their relationships with alcohol, and to provide support for those at risk from alcohol-related harm. Our Intervention Team go right into the heart of local communities, […]

Is the British “cafe culture” an impossible dream?

Whilst in that post-holiday haze (as I currently am following two delightful weeks traversing Die Autobahn through Austria and Germany), it’s easy for us Brits to lament such idyllic experiences in their immediate aftermath. Why is it always so grey here? (certainly a question that sprung to mind coming into land amid an apparent explosion-in-a-cotton-wool-factory […]


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