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Services, systems and savings

It may be the time of festive cheer, but for many of our colleagues in the public sector there has been little to cheer about as redundancy notices and services cuts begin to be announced. One recent announcement made it plain that redundancies were going to lead to reduced services. On the flipside, many councils […]

NHS comms staff need to become agents of change

    Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Association of Healthcare Communications and Marketing conference. A trend among the presentations was one of exploring the uncertain future: what is going to happen to social marketing? How could comms staff secure their future? Will GP consortia understand the comms function? It’s a […]

We won’t get Big Society if we don’t listen to all parts of society

Most readers will be aware that at ICE we conduct lots of social research through the Research wing of our company. When recently examining social norms at a school in the North East, the young people were asked “Which non-celebrity do you look up to outside of your family?” As you might expect, answers varied […]

Plugging people into public sector reform

The deficit hawks have been circling for weeks now, as widespread media coverage is given to the deficit and the new conventional wisdom that the only way to resolve it is through cuts in the public sector. Now our colleagues and partners in local authorities and NHS organisations around the country are treading water as […]


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