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Designing a great business

You might look at me and think,”I can’t possibly take that girl with pink hair and a big smile on her face seriously. What value can she add to an organisation’s growth and development? Surely her excessive big Mac monitor, Pantone books and sketch pads can’t help an organisation flourish?” It’s common for design not […]

Your five top tips: Making the most of social media

80% of people online can be reached through social media Every 1 in 4.5 minutes online are spent on a social site in the UK. While many people want to ‘do something with social media’, they often aren’t aware of how it fits in with their existing communications – or don’t realise its full potential […]

Engaging Your Audience Through Email

Using emails as a way of communicating to your audience can be a really easy way of getting your message across to the people that care about it the most, but as with any communication method, there are always pitfalls which can make it a complete waste of time and money. There are various reasons as […]

Britain – an authentic brand?

Arch Monarchists and fundamentalist Republicans alike, have not been shy of expressing their opinions about the state of the age-old concept of ‘Britishness’ of late. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the twice yearly St George’s flag-a-thon that characterises England’s woeful involvement in another international football tournament and the widely successful London Olympics have raised the usual questions […]

Thousands view our innovative viral video campaign

Wow, within days of going live, our very own singing sensation Ladie Go’ Diva is heading for 2,000 views on YouTube. We’ve developed the new viral video campaign, centred around music video ‘Bad Nashers’, as a tongue-in-cheek way of engaging young people and students, and encouraging greater take-up of NHS dentists. The video follows our […]

Promoting healthy weight in the North East

ICE has been working with NHS North of Tyne to help promote healthy eating and ‘being active’ messages across communities in Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland. Aimed at children, young people and adults, the project aimed to produce a range of interventions to actively engage with both the target groups and with health professionals, aligned […]

Nudging young people’s attitudes towards smoking through film and social media

In the latest of our guest blogs, Director of anti-smoking charity The Deborah Hutton Campaign, Lucinda Shaw, examines the power of social media in communicating complex public health messages to young people…. I think as adults, we often perceive young people as ‘tough’, ‘hard to reach’ and ‘difficult to understand’.  Knowing how to communicate between […]

The Design Thinking approach to change communications

Head of the ICE Agency, Henry Platten outlines our collaborative approach to involving colleagues, partners and citizens in designing visions and communications, in a changing landscape. Change is a constant feature of life, and it hardly needs restating that we live and work in challenging and uncertain times, where the momentum of change has been […]

It’s no longer just a case of cut & and paste…

How do we stay creative with ever decreasing client budgets? We’re in challenging times and nowhere more so than in the arena of design and creativity. Clients’ budgets are being cut, ideas and concepts are being scrutinised with more vigour than ever before and creatives are being put under more and more pressure to come […]

Chief Executive at ICE, Stuart Jackson, shares highlights from another interesting week….

A lot of values and beliefs talk this week, which is a real sign of how much the conversation is moving away from competency and skills, towards how beliefs and people ‘models’ drive performance. I spent time with two organisations in particular that are driving this agenda in completely different ways; the first was a […]


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