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Transforming Tewkesbury – a winning partnership!

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time at the IRRV national conference with the Revenues & Benefits Team from Tewkesbury Borough Council – and what an event it turned out to be! 12 months ago ICE began working on a transformation programme with the service and the conference was the culmination and celebration […]

The Student Experience Journey

It’s the time of year when A level papers have all been sat and the thoughts of the students turn firmly towards results day and the all important grades. For Universities however the hard work in respect of new students started a long time ago. From outreach and recruitment work, through to open days, applications […]

Lean – what really makes it work?

Using lean as a methodology for driving change works. There are many proven results to back this up – be it within the smallest of organisations, the largest global business, or within the public and private sector. However, whilst some initial benefits can be realised, as a technical methodology, lean does not always realise the […]

In times of change, how do you get your team used to feeling uncomfortable?

We all know how difficult change is. Fire and Rescue Services have so many changes happening right now; your team feel vulnerable, behaviours change and can be unpredictable. In challenging times, what we need is collaboration. But how do you achieve this culture shift? Maybe there is a way. We call it “So-Change” and it’s […]

How to avoid the pitfalls of ‘Channel Shift’…

Channel Shift – the process of getting customers to use a different ‘channel’ with which they contact your organisation or business – is a major consideration when delivering great value for money. Whether public or private sector, making sure your customers and citizens are engaging with you in the most efficient way is often a […]

Can we all learn from something from F1’s superstars?

In his latest BBC column, ‘How keeping it simple makes me faster’, Lewis Hamilton explains his philosophy now that he’s driving for Mercedes, since moving from McLaren at the end of last season. I particularly found this an interesting read, not just as a big F1 and Lewis Hamilton fan, but because my job as an […]

SO Change: our top tips to achieving sustainable behaviour change

Traditional methods of generating efficiency savings and meeting the needs of the communities we serve aren’t always adequate to meet the demand on public services. However, understanding how citizens’ motivations drive demand, could transform relationships with communities, build mutual trust and unlock savings. Our SO Change approach brings together tested principles from the world of […]

Making Change Happen: Six Steps to Effective Leadership

As a leader, we know you want to unlock your organisation’s full potential so it can achieve what it’s truly capable of. Drawing on our wide-ranging experience working across the UK, and harnessing renowned author Peter Scholte’s Leadership Competencies, here’s our quick guide to empowering your leaders to emerge stronger, more focused and able to […]

Leadership: What makes a good leader?

I was asked recently what I thought Leadership meant.  I think I may have waffled a bit in my response, but I wanted to share a few considered thoughts on what I think a good leader is, or is not. To be clear, leadership is not management.  Management is more akin to administration and keeping […]

Councils need a new style of leadership

Local authorities face a challenging future and require leaders that can manage change creatively and inspire staff. A recent post by Ben Cook in the Guardian newspaper makes some interesting and valid points about what matters in terms of Council leadership.  He observes that the leaders of tomorrow need to be capable in commissioning other […]


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