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Social media is your power tool – time to give it a service!

There aren’t many organisations who are now not using social media to engage with the public. Customers, citizens, patients – however you define them – they all expect you to have a social media presence. Social media isn’t an end in itself: it’s like a power tool. You don’t need a drill, you need a […]

Engaging Your Audience Through Email

Using emails as a way of communicating to your audience can be a really easy way of getting your message across to the people that care about it the most, but as with any communication method, there are always pitfalls which can make it a complete waste of time and money. There are various reasons as […]

Keeping it real – authenticity in action

A man much wiser than I once wrote “this above all: to thine own self be true”. Working with organisations right across the spectrum in co-creating ways to identify, connect with and engage, and ultimately move audiences with communications and experiences – it’s increasingly clear that what clients and end-users alike value above all else […]

Innovative research techniques take to iTunes

What innovative research techniques can organisations use to understand how people behave? What about their desires, their motivations, their strongly-held beliefs? How do we dig deep and ultimately, change their behaviours? Well, our researchers have been using our ICE Research Deck to help answer these questions – and now, this innovative resource is also available […]

Want to Influence People? Tell them stories……..

Let me ask you a question. If someone were to tell you the following statements, which would you be more likely to spread the word about? 1. One morning, Tracey’s alarm clock broke and she overslept. When she woke up, she realised she was late for work. She got dressed as quickly as she could, […]

Take your social marketing to the next level – new mobile phone app shows you how…..

What a fantastic atmosphere at this week’s World Social Marketing Conference in Dublin!  It was great to be among so many like-minded people debating and sharing ideas. And there was certainly lots of interest in a new app we’re developing to help people draft, record and update their own systematic social marketing plans. The app’s […]

Choose ‘So Change’ – business transformation that works and lasts

Our So Change model is a unique business transformation programme which helps your business to grow and your customers to thrive. Unlike many other change programmes, So Change takes a people-centred approach to empower individuals – and organisations – to drive long-term cost efficiencies and effectiveness. To see how the SO Change programme works and […]

Nudging young people’s attitudes towards smoking through film and social media

In the latest of our guest blogs, Director of anti-smoking charity The Deborah Hutton Campaign, Lucinda Shaw, examines the power of social media in communicating complex public health messages to young people…. I think as adults, we often perceive young people as ‘tough’, ‘hard to reach’ and ‘difficult to understand’.  Knowing how to communicate between […]

The Design Thinking approach to change communications

Head of the ICE Agency, Henry Platten outlines our collaborative approach to involving colleagues, partners and citizens in designing visions and communications, in a changing landscape. Change is a constant feature of life, and it hardly needs restating that we live and work in challenging and uncertain times, where the momentum of change has been […]

It’s no longer just a case of cut & and paste…

How do we stay creative with ever decreasing client budgets? We’re in challenging times and nowhere more so than in the arena of design and creativity. Clients’ budgets are being cut, ideas and concepts are being scrutinised with more vigour than ever before and creatives are being put under more and more pressure to come […]


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