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More lessons for brands on their journeys to authenticity

Who would be an FMCG brand manager at the moment? A series of revelations have caused major damage to public confidence in the sector, with supply chains exposed as complex, lacking in transparency and accused of ruthless profiteering. Not since the BSE scandal of the mid 90s has the Food and Beverage sector in particular […]

Britain – an authentic brand?

Arch Monarchists and fundamentalist Republicans alike, have not been shy of expressing their opinions about the state of the age-old concept of ‘Britishness’ of late. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the twice yearly St George’s flag-a-thon that characterises England’s woeful involvement in another international football tournament and the widely successful London Olympics have raised the usual questions […]

Creativity: It’s not ‘what we are’, it’s ‘what we do’.

We all know what we do, don’t we? It seems like a simple question doesn’t it? I’ve always described myself as a designer and it’s what it says on my passport. But even this fails me in conversation. “Designer of what?” people ask… Terminology of job roles is a surprisingly potent thing. For years at ICE […]

A Brand Journey

Bedroom. 6.30. a.m. Philips radio/alarm clock; BBC Radio 4; John Lewis slippers; John Lewis again (okay, so I wear a dressing gown); Blackberry; Nokia. Bathroom. Armitage Shanks toilet, bath and shower; Andrex; Halo and Horns shampoo; Halo and Horns soap (the kids’, not mine); L’Occitane bubble bath; Herbal Extracts shampoo; Dove soap; Sensodyne toothpaste; Oral […]


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