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Commercial Creativity Alone Will Not Help Make the World a Better Place

Talk to some of the commercial brands and advertising people, and there’s a whiff of anxiety in the air. A recent invitation-only symposium in London attended by ICE, brought together senior players from a variety of global agencies and brands. Ostensibly it was set up to share ideas, celebrate achievement and showcase innovation driven by […]

Embracing the challenge…

Earlier this month I completed the hardest challenge I have faced in my life, the Liverpool Marathon. Back in January, I decided to enter the 26.2 mile road race through the streets of Merseyside and for the past ten months I have been training for it. Not only was this the most physically demanding thing I […]

Change… According to Roald Dahl

It’s Roald Dahl’s birthday today and it got me thinking about some of the fantastic characters from his stories – we regularly read these to our daughter when she was younger and he was one of our favourite children’s authors. So, thinking about change and what it is according to Roald Dahl, here are a […]

Your Essential Guide: Smoking in Pregnancy

According to figures recently released by the NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care, there is still a lot of work to be done to attain the national ambition of 11% of pregnant women smoking at delivery by 2015. The figures vary greatly from less than 3% in certain areas of London to over […]

When Fitclub met the holiday season…

Everyone in the ICE Fitclub (a group of 10 or so, fit and healthy ‘wannabies’) had finally got into their stride with sensible eating and regular exercise. Even though everyone had  their own routine, their own diet and their own weekly targets, we all found a way to encourage each other, whilst enjoying the challenge […]

What do quotes really mean to the reader?

So many blogs, articles and websites include a range of ‘useful quotes’ from famous names. Some are moving, some inspirational and some are funny.  Some quotes can say something meaningful, whilst having interpretation next to them. If they are taken as meaningful to us, rather than just words of historical and academic interest, then maybe, […]

How can we help people let go of dependency?

So, instead of joining our local (apparently slightly washed out) Jubilee street party, my partner and I decided to climb Ben Nevis during the extended Bank Holiday weekend. Anyone who doesn’t trek hills or walk in the country, I’d wholeheartedly recommend it as a way to refuel your health and wellbeing. For starters, the journey […]

The ICE Fitness Challenge: Week Five

With Easter just around the corner and supermarket shelves stacked full of chocolate eggs, you’d be forgiven for thinking the efforts of ICE’s 12 fitness buddies have slacked over the past few weeks. However, the team taking part in the ICE Fitness Challenge are just as determined (if not more so) to get fitter and […]


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