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Commercial Creativity Alone Will Not Help Make the World a Better Place

Talk to some of the commercial brands and advertising people, and there’s a whiff of anxiety in the air. A recent invitation-only symposium in London attended by ICE, brought together senior players from a variety of global agencies and brands. Ostensibly it was set up to share ideas, celebrate achievement and showcase innovation driven by […]

Creativity: It’s not ‘what we are’, it’s ‘what we do’.

We all know what we do, don’t we? It seems like a simple question doesn’t it? I’ve always described myself as a designer and it’s what it says on my passport. But even this fails me in conversation. “Designer of what?” people ask… Terminology of job roles is a surprisingly potent thing. For years at ICE […]

Growth, sustainability, regeneration

It’s my firm belief that small businesses are vital to growth, sustainability and regeneration. As a company, we’re proud to be part of a thriving business community, so it’s been very rewarding to have been chosen to work as ‘Business Support Managers’ for the Invest Wirral team. As part of our corporate and social responsibility […]

A Brand Journey

Bedroom. 6.30. a.m. Philips radio/alarm clock; BBC Radio 4; John Lewis slippers; John Lewis again (okay, so I wear a dressing gown); Blackberry; Nokia. Bathroom. Armitage Shanks toilet, bath and shower; Andrex; Halo and Horns shampoo; Halo and Horns soap (the kids’, not mine); L’Occitane bubble bath; Herbal Extracts shampoo; Dove soap; Sensodyne toothpaste; Oral […]

Redesigning Democracy

http://www.commonofhouses.co.uk/ This website is running a competition to redesign our voting system. (See post below.) Brilliant idea in itself. Bad news – the deadline is Thursday. Good news – I’ve cracked it! One problem is, too many people don’t turn out to vote. Why? It’s inconvenient and they’re apathetic. Solution: Make voting as easy as […]

You only get out what you put in.

…Or why it’s important to read poetry, literature, look at art, look at nature, look at tabloids, look at broadsheets, drink in society – all of it. Because, if you’re a designer, art director, writer, film maker, artist or musician, you only get out what you put in. This brilliant ad for the Independent newspaper […]


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