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Designing a great business

You might look at me and think,”I can’t possibly take that girl with pink hair and a big smile on her face seriously. What value can she add to an organisation’s growth and development? Surely her excessive big Mac monitor, Pantone books and sketch pads can’t help an organisation flourish?” It’s common for design not […]

Social media is your power tool – time to give it a service!

There aren’t many organisations who are now not using social media to engage with the public. Customers, citizens, patients – however you define them – they all expect you to have a social media presence. Social media isn’t an end in itself: it’s like a power tool. You don’t need a drill, you need a […]

Listening to young people – Innovation, creativity and engagement

What does it take to truly engage young people – and drive sustainable changes in their behaviour? Ask yourself, are you listening to their wants and needs? Do you understand what makes them tick? The truth is, there is no ‘one size fits all’ and ensuring young people are at the heart of any intervention […]

Building a great website in three(ish) steps

So what is the “right way” to create a new website? Well, it’s not always an easy process – but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be simple. When it comes to creating that new website that will help people to engage with your service more effectively, help you sell more of your product range, or […]

Your Essential Guide: Engaging and Encouraging Breastfeeding Mums

It’s fair to say recent media stories about breastfeeding may have left some mums feeling confused and conflicted about how best to support their baby. So it’s more important than ever to ensure breastfeeding mums and their families have access to the information and support they need – where and when they need it. In […]


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