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Behaviour Change to reduce harm from smoking

The dangers of exposure to second-hand smoke are well documented, with changes to the law making it illegal to smoke in most workplaces and enclosed public spaces in the UK since July 2007. However despite this, the number of smoking households in Britain is increasing every year with significant numbers of adults and children exposed […]

Puffell supports International Day of Happiness

I’m very happy that the team at Puffell (puffell.com) are supporting #InternationalDayofHappiness, 2015. Every year, Action for Happiness uses the 20th of March as a platform to launch a campaign to promote positive social action for a happier world. The theme always focuses attention on an important social issue related to wellbeing; this year, our […]

Stoptober two week milestone

The two week milestone is approaching and although many people are settling in to their new life as a non-smoker, many people will be finding it challenging. As a stop smoking adviser, I see many people, often with similar withdrawal symptoms, including: Irritability and mood swings Restlessness and disturbed sleep Headaches and difficulty concentrating Increased […]

Stoptober is on its way…

You can’t help but to have heard about Stoptober, the national stop smoking month. Whether it’s the adverts on the telly, posts on Facebook and Twitter, or promotional events by your stop smoking service, there is no doubt that it is on the horizon. On 1st October, smokers across the country are taking the plunge […]

Why birthdays – and Puffell – make me happy

Today, team ICE are celebrating. That’s because one year ago we launched Puffell – an exciting new social media platform to help people be happier, healthier and improve their wellbeing. ‘Birthdays’ and ‘Puffell’ – two words that, for me, mean happiness and a reason to celebrate. Why? Well, let’s start with birthdays. I don’t know about […]

Help your communities achieve their non-smoking goals this New Year

With just weeks until the New Year starts, many people will be thinking about stopping smoking, cutting down on the number of cigarettes they smoke and making positive behaviour changes. Puffell – a wellbeing platform, co-created with citizens, commissioners and service providers right across the country – is designed to help our communities achieve this, […]

Values, behaviour change and economic theory

In an economy in which healthcare is considered a public good, the costs of ‘risky behaviours’ – such as smoking and drinking – would seemingly outweigh the private benefits; the perceived benefits include pleasure and satisfaction, enhanced self-image, stress control and avoidance of withdrawal. The private costs to be weighed against those include money spent, […]

It’s a scorcher, but don’t get burned by your COPD rates once the nights turn in…

We’re enjoying the best British summer we’ve had for years and as more of us spend time outdoors enjoying the sunshine, it’s benefitting our health and our general wellbeing. But what happens once the nights turn in and the Great British Summer gives way to the Bleak British Winter? What plans are you making for […]

Behaviour change: smoking cessation

With 2013 fast approaching and over 100,000 people in the UK dying from smoking related causes, we know that now, more than ever, more needs to be done to support our communities and protect our most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Not only that, but we understand that you need people-centred solutions which support behaviour change […]

What’s better – being controversial or being authentic?

Being provocative is nothing new in advertising and marketing. Since the year dot, ads have used sex to sell products, for example, even tire valve caps. The recent attempt at using controversial ‘humour’ by Hakanoa Ginger Beer in New Zealand proved particularly disastrous as they link their product with red haired children. Unsurprisingly, they’ve apologised […]


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