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Behavioural support: the key to smoke free futures?

The latest NICE guidelines highlight the delivery of brief interventions as a high impact change which encourages more people to smoke less. Typically taking 5-10 minutes, brief interventions offer opportunistic advice, discussion or encouragement – and are having a big impact on communities. For instance, our Stop4Life work in the Midlands focuses on meeting local […]

Workplace Smoking Services: A win-win for employer and employee

It’s a fact that one million working days are lost each year in the UK due to tobacco related conditions, as high levels of ill-health result in absenteeism from work and a shortened working life. Indeed, a report from the National Social Marketing Centre says that supporting staff’s health and wellbeing could potentially “add significantly to […]

Stop4Life: Driving towards a smokefree future

Establishing a new and innovative NHS stop smoking service and embracing the opportunities presented by the Any Qualified Provider marketplace for health services has been a demanding but rewarding challenge so far. This week has seen the official launch of ICE’s flagship new stop smoking service ‘Stop4Life’ in the West Midlands – working under the […]


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